Geek Chic and Mathematics

We live in the age of the computer magnates. Maths is used every day, we don’t always realise it. Technology and electronic music associated with maths is clear.. you’re having to think when the music is instrumental and without words, it draws more thinkers than feelers. If someone is a really good singer song writer.. they are doing maths.


Neuro-scientists who analyse brain function, how information passes through the brain looked to music to explain how we think and how messages are transported around the brain.

Machines can’t successfully write to satisfy most of us, some or most people think that electronic music is programmed, they’re right, but the programmer is building an instrument like a violin and emotion’s involved.


It comes back to how much people want to feel. Some people don’t want to feel much at all, some people really want to feel. The artist leaves space for the listener, in that case it is a form of art where there is room for you.

So much now is spelled out, in Hollywood films, everything is explained so clearly to the audience, they don’t have to do anything but stay awake.

function of brain

In great art, the creator has left room, an audience brings an alchemy of experience. The creator doesn’t always know what they’ve created, the audience takes from it. There’s a hope, a plan and a dream of that and yet it’s totally out of their hands.

The music you respond to is incredibly abstract – it’s not the lyrics or structure since the abstract side of music are patterns of numbers and how they connect. How a piece of music mutates is personal; modern day composers are using these techniques which the brain responds to and you think -hey, I like this.


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