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Guide for visually impaired ski racer

Ex-racer (ideally at National Team level) needed urgently for Jade Etherington, a member of The British Disabled Ski Team. She is twenty-one years old and classified as a B2 (less than 5% vision in each eye). She is qualified for World Cup slalom, Super-G, downhill and IPCAS giant slalom. She is seeking a new guide who can train and compete with her until the 2014 Winter Paralympics, as part of a twenty week world class training programme.

Being a guide, you will be an integral part of the British team, also receiving medals at each competition including the Paralymics. The purpose of a guide is to ski in front of the visually impaired athlete and communicate with the athlete when to turn. Using headsets fixed onto helmets, you will guide the athlete down the race course.

A guide is also required off the snow ie. travelling to and from train and race camps, taking the same flights and so on. Therefore, a strong relationship and a great deal of trust is required between athlete and guide, both on and off the snow.

Having worked with a range of guides Jade can easily adapt to someone new. The guide will be classed as an athlete and their costs will be covered through sponsorship and fundriaisng. There is some funding available but the new guide will be involved in any fundraising activities. A further £10,000 will need to be raised in order to complete the full season and qualify for Sochi 2014.
If you are interested in skiing with Jade or would like further information please contact her on: 07714170416 or email: